a little wine

How sumptuous is this packaging?! Designed by Death By Colour. I wonder if they are available anywhere in the US?


On a side note...the weekend is so close! I am going on a mini-vacay to New Orleans next week. Any suggestions on what we must see while there?

where the wild things are

This fantastic poster has been making rounds amongst many of my favorite blogs - and for this reason I wasn't going to post it. However, I had the pleasure of watching the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are this morning...and really the movie looks incredible.

go watch the trailer now. seriously.


hot design

MadeThought is a London based design studio excelling in basically everything. I think the shopping bags are fantastic. The packaging for James Brown London makes me want to order the products.


pattern love : kendra lebo

Philadelphia based designer Kendra Lebo's work is gorgeous. Kendra recieved her masters in graphic design with a focus in textiles from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). She recently started the creative studio Collette and Blue. Kendra is fantastically talented! Enjoy!

from the Collette and Blue website:

Super Fun : Nina Braun

LinkNina Brauns work is quirky and fun. She uses a wide range of materials and works in various mediums. From furry sculptures to skateboards, I really enjoyed exploring her portfolio. I think Lovesculpture might be my favorite... but there are so many great pieces to look at! Check it out here!


italian delight

My little sister brought me back the most adorable notebooks from her semester abroad in Rome, Italy. I decided to look up the company today, thinking that maybe they had other cute paper goods. Fabriano has lots of great stuff! I wish I could go to Italy and pick some up!


DIY LCD notecards

How cool are these letterpressed notecards?! They are from Present&Correct. Happy Monday!


Graphic Design : Andrew Townsend

Andrew Townsend is based in the UK. His portfolio is full of lively and vibrant design.

"An Odyssey in Typography"

While catching up on my favorite blogs this morning I came across TypeNeu. Brilliant! For those that are type obsessed, this site is a fantastic compilation of "past, present and future typographic culture."



via graphic journey

i want

this book by Doyald Young. the type sketches are delicious.


More Awsomeness

Thank you to my sister for artist recommendations today!

Polly Apfelbaum's work is fantastically beautiful.

Super Awesome

My little sister recently saw Nina Bovasso's work in New York. She def knows what I like and recommended I take a look at Nina's art. As always, I love the color and vibrance. I think some of these could translate very nicely into fun textile patterns!


pattern love : samantha hahn

so many talented pattern designers around. i find more everyday that i love! Samantha Hahn's work is oh so pretty - the colors are fab!


pattern love : josephine kimberling

seattle based designer josephine kimberling create these gorgeous patterns. blue, green, and brown is one of my favorite color palettes (if you haven't been able to tell) and recently i adore anything floral!


I love color. I love vibrant, rich, beautiful color!

I recently came across the Indian holiday of Holi. For those that do not know about this fantastic celebration, it is the festival of colors! Click here to read more.

*none of these images belong to me. thank you google images :)

i like it

i found the work of jody barton through big active. her illustration is playful. her typography is fun and full of great colors!


Key Command Posters

Check out these really fun key command posters here!