my wish list

I am ordering this book tonight. Looks like a fabulous addition to my design reference library. The Typographic Desk Reference is available from oak knoll or on amazon. Visit the website here.


visually delicious has been quiet

i apologize for disappearing for the past couple weeks. presentation at work and not much free time. i have a list of things to share with you. definitely check back later today and the rest of the week for some yummy design.

I hope Spring returns soon, it's way too hot here in Philadelphia. I am not quite ready for summer yet.

image via me & my pen


Ebb & Flow

I fell in love with this print a while back. Ebb was created by Melissa Moss.

To my surprise I received an email today that it is finally available again. So, I ordered it from Little Paper Planes.

It contains all my favorite colors. I can't wait to find the perfect frame for it!

typography love

Type designer Cyrus Highsmith designed Biscotti.

He was my teacher for almost whole month before I decided to drop the class - I really wish I had stuck with it!



Canadian Design Shop

Montreal design shop, Departement designed the identity for Agence Melanie Mclean. The bright turquoise on the dark background might be my new favorite thing. The color pops - elegant yet funky & fun! Check out Departement's other work here!

sophie's wish list

Sophie would like a play date with Bo Obama. He is so cute!

pictures via the whitehouse blog

Waiting on those May flowers...

I really enjoy CBS Sunday morning. Last week there was a piece on ETSY.

Yesterday, there was a fantastic segment on podiatrist turned photographer Jonathan Singer.

His photography is so wonderful, the flowers look like they were painted by the Dutch Masters. The Smithsonian was so impressed with his work that his book Bontanica Magnifica is now a perminant part of their rare books collection.

The perfect lighting and color really make his work spectacular. I love photography of flowers and plant life. Check out his portfolio here. To watch the piece from CBS Sunday Morning click here.

Take a look at the hand bound huge book in the CBS video - incredible! I wish I had time to perfect my book binding skills.

Happy Monday!


Keetra Dean Dixon

These layered wax peices from Keetra Dean Dixon are so vibrant! They remind me of the polished rocks my dad used to bring us when he would go away on ski trips.

Check out Keetra's portfolio here!

via Mint


Side note: We are back from a fantastic trip to New Orleans! I will post a few pictures later today. What a wonderful city! The architecture was beautiful, the flowers were in bloom and everything was green... and the food...delicious. Oysters, po'boys and gumbo...wow!
More about New Orleans later!



bill cosby's favorite snack ... BEAUTIFIED

Found this article in the New York Times about Bompas & Parr, creators of "fine english jellies."

"We know from history that jellies were once considered to be the pinnacle of sophistication," Mr. Parr said. "They were used as very lavish centerpieces, the way marzipan and sugar were used, but then jelly became corrupted by children's parties."

Bottom line, the jello (I mean jello and jellies...same thing? right?) is pretty freaking fantastic looking. The color gradations...the glowing jello mold?! Fabulous!

I wonder if it tastes good?

For more information and more images check out the Bompas & Parr website.

via the New York Times