sophie's wish list

Sophie is planning a little doggie get away for 2010. She wants to run free and eat homemade puppy treats at the Paws Up Resort in Montana. I hope she invites me to join her!

chairs : update

more pictures when I charge my nice camera.

should i restain the chairs to be lighter? paint them a different color? any thoughts?

sophie was a great model this morning!


Vibrant Work

Robin Williams graduated the same year as I did from RISD. I really admire her work. Robin's use of color and unexpected moments made me go back for a second and third look . Check out more of her work here.


sophie's wish list

I think Sophie needs this hat and matching sweater from Bean Town Handmade! Adorable!!!

humanunicorns : jeanyves lemoigne photography

I've always had a little thing for the slightly odd and out of place. This photography definitly fits the bill. Click here for Jean's full portfolio.

A little letterpress love

How cute are these letterpress cards from Dee&LaLa??


Sugary yet Strange

The work of Liz Wolfe is wonderfully bright with a touch of bizarre.
I wish I had taken these photographs! Maybe it's time to rebuild CupcakeLand?

Hand Drawn Beauty

Typography doesn't get much more beautiful than this...

Darren Booths work makes me want to go home and spend the day drawing letterforms.

Check out his website

PS - my chair cushions should be coming home this week! Can't wait to show everyone!


Before : The Chairs

Here is the before picture of the chairs my Grandfather built. They are currently being recovered with beautiful Amy Butler fabric. Can't wait for the chairs to be finished!


making the world a better place

milk cartons are made of paper. why not water bottles?
designed by brandimage, i think this is one of the smartest things i have seen in a while.

designers doing their part for the planet!