"Just Right"

From the Lagom website:
"Lagom is a Swedish word. It describes a feeling when something possesses "perfect balance" or is "just right". We've adopted this word to reflect the very ethos of our desire to capture this magical state. It may be difficult to attain, but when you do, something inside tells you that it is lagom."

The pattern and color choices on their greeting cards and gift wrap is most definitely, "just right". Bright, bold and clean are how I would describe the design available in the Lagom store. The products represent their concept to a tee.

images via Lagom


lush beauty

Peonies are my favorite flowers. It is sad that they bloom and die so quickly. Being that I am a little cranky this afternoon, collecting these images via flickr made me feel a little better. They are lush, plush and just fabulous.

Major rain storms are headed for the northeast, bleh. Like we haven't had enough rain recently. Goodbye spring, hello summer.

images via flickr judy stalus, lotusfee, linder seattle, jym, becles

Granola Bar Update

For the most part the granola bars were successful. I used dried cherries instead of cranberries. The cherries are a bit sweeter than cranberries, but still slightly tart. I am fairly satisfied with the flavor and overall appearance (still waiting on feedback from friends & coworkers).

I would like to figure out how to make them slightly more chewy. They are very crunchy and a little hard to bite through. Next time I might try more honey & peanut butter. Thoughts?



Well, I hope they will be delicious. I am attempting granola bars from scratch tonight. I went to Whole Foods during lunch to collect the ingredients that I do not normally keep in my kitchen, like flaxseed.

I hope they turn out like the above photo. I am using this recipe, from the kitchen sink recipes blog.

Wish me luck!

images via the kitchen sink recipes

Delicate Elegance

Masami Banman is a very talented jewelry designer. I met Masami during freshman foundation at RISD. Her work is absolutely stunning.

During our 3D class freshman year, we were given the assignment of creating bug sculptures out of wire, her finished piece (which I believe was a butterfly?) was lovely and her craft meticulous. At that moment I think the majority of our class probably realized which major she would choose - jewelry & metal smithing. Masami is talented across all mediums from drawing to sculpture, however, she really found her niche in jewelry. She is precise and has an eye for detail.

Visit her website to see more of her fantastic work.


Beautiful Baby Girl

A custom piece created for a friend's new baby. The design is simple and clean. The colors reflect the babies bedding. I wanted to created a design that was appropriate for a nursery but would still feel stylish as Isabella grows.